Montag, 23. März 2009

Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style

I love fashion, so naturally I read a lot of fashion blogs. I have always been thinking about drawing portraits of my favorite bloggers. Lately I have seen many other illustrators had the same idea, and produced some amazing artwork, so I'll just join the club.

Kingdom of Style was one of the first independent fashion blogs I came across and I have been reading it ever since. They have such an inspiring creativity and I'm always exited to see a new post in my feed reader, because it will always be surprising and interesting, be it a designer review, a new item they've purchased, a DIY project or a tidbit about their personal live.
And I love love love Queen Michelle's Outfit posts, so here she is:

Original is here


  1. That's absolutely stunning, I'm impressed that this kind of talent exists in the world. I wish I was fortunate enough to have someone paint me... Ahh, one day ;)

  2. hah, i've got the chance to visit your blog from Queen Michelle. yeah, the illustration you created is just so poetic in a way of her retro-royal look.

    schönen abend noch! ;D



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