Montag, 4. Mai 2009


After doing the pussy bow piece I thought it would be fun to look for more fashion thing that have animal names. Frankly I have no idea why this pattern is called houndstooth, the forms may look a little bit like a dog but where does the tooth come from?
Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this, especially the little pug - am i weird to think pugs are cute?

Question: Do you know any more clothing related things that have animal names? I'd love to do more of these pictures!

here is the final sketch:


  1. Bow-Wow!

    Nee, bissu nicht, ich find die auch irngedwie voll putzig... :D

    Das Bild ist klasse!

  2. Keine Sorge, die sind wirklich niedlich, aber auch verdammt frech...

    Insgesamt sehr gelungen!!!

  3. Love your work Steffi...especially seeing the drawings too, and I send a very big thank you from the states for the wonderful comment you left on illustrationmundo and on my blog! You are the best.



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