Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Harry Potter

I wanted to try out more caricature. I had a lot of fun with the Serge Gainsbourg piece and I recently got the amazing Al Hirschfeld book "Hirschfeld on line" I can really recommend it. It is full of beautiful drawings, and there is a comment by Hirschfeld himself on almost every drawing, so you really get an insight into the world of that genius.

These are my sketches. You can see that I decided to add the magic pets later, I think they make the picture much more interesting.


  1. Great illustration. I love Hirschfeld too. If you can, track down a copy of the Line King DVD. It's a great documentary and has a lot of footage of him drawing (even on a Wacom tablet when he's well into his 90s!).

    If you like Hirschfeld I'd also recommend Nicholas Bentley and Robert Sherriffs
    Two of my favourites.

  2. Oh wow, they are amazing! Thanks for the links!



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