Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

The little Wermaid: The Ship of the Prince's Academy

I thought I show some more work from "The little Wermaid" the comic I am currently working on written by the amazing Regina Haselhorst of "GirlComic" fame.
This ship will be one of the main Locations in the comic:

the final version of the ship:

previous sketches:

I already posted these on Facebook, but I think I have deleted the album there, because, well it's FB and they are not known as being selfless when it comes to copyright.
These are old versions of the pages, I am going to redo. I am not that happy with the vector look and want to try an analogue approach - but more on that later when I can show something of the new style!


  1. Ich kanns kaum erwarten, das Kunstwerk in den Händen zu halten. Das MUSS ja einfach ein Knaller werden!

  2. Danke für die lieben Worte, Vero!

  3. Oh how fantastic! :) Love seeing anything to do with this comic of yours :) Little Wermaid is so adorable, and I just get SO excited at seeing the shiny accessories the mermaids wear XD
    The ship looks just gorgeous as well.

  4. I agree with you about having deleted your works in facebook. Too much art robbery there.
    Friends of mine have found their designs (posted in fbook) printed illegaly in chinese t-shirs "__"
    So be careful my dear. Your work must be protected.

    And also, amazing ship!!! *__*
    so happy to see you're a cool cartoonist too!

  5. huiii, sehr cool, das schiff! boah.

    feru mich auf die seiten - mehr comics!! :)

  6. great work steffi...
    that patience in designing the ship:)


  7. I just discovered your lovely blog today in the morning, but I felt immediately in love. You're very talented and I am excited to see with what you will come up in the future. Thanks Bloglovin' it is so easy to stalk other bloggers. Yippi, ein hoch auf Bloglovin'! ^^

    Liebe Grüsse aus Brasilien!
    xoxo Sandra



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