Freitag, 13. August 2010

The little Wermaid: more Scribbles

Lately I spent most of my freetime working on my comic project "the little Wermaid" written by the amazing Regina haselhorst. I bought a big sketchbook which I am filling with layouts, character desing, research stuff and sketches for the project. I thought I'd show a few.
What's most fun for me here, is that this is really different from my usual work. Normally I try to be all serious and elegant and polished, but here I get to draw funny and weird and dirty.

A character from the story, Loreley, she tries to get a ship full of princes to crash into a rocky cliff by alluring them with her beautiful voice.

Sketches fo said rocky cliffs, the two on the right are drawn from photos.

Luckily the mermaids are there to protect the princes!

It's not an epic finale if it doesn't have a giant ugly monster in it!

and here's some ideas for different princes since I'll have to draw so many of them.

clothes, copied from a book on historic clothing, obviously.

shirtless guys


  1. Wonderful sketches! :D When does the comic come out?

  2. Fantastisch, besonders die Riesenmonster - kann es kaum erwarten!

  3. Looks Great. I look forward to watching it progress

  4. waaah! Super - und doch kommt die eleganz ganz klar durch, auch hier. sehr schön!

    die prinzen sind klasse, das monster ist lustig und die loreley find ich am besten - inkl songtext und tragbarem cd player.

    ich kauf's.

    verkaufst du eigentlich originale und sketches?



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