Samstag, 26. März 2011

Fish and Whips Poster

I recently had the pleasure to create the new poster for the Berlin Cabaret Show Fish and Whips at the Comedy Club Kookaburra. I love the shows mixture of cabaret, burlesque and music (I especially love the opera songs!) so I was really happy when Jack Woodhead, who hosts the show, asked me if I would like to create a poster.

If you're in Berlin you should really check it out, it is such a treat! You can follow the show on facebook, too!

my first sketch:

and I thought the final vecotrs might be interesting too:


  1. Beautiful work, Steffi. Thanks for showing the process. I love to see the bones of a drawing.

  2. Great work! Lovelly colors and composition

  3. these vector images always amazes me,
    i think theyre beautiful eventhough i dont work (understand) vectors...
    maybe thats why...
    still, i think youre the best.


  4. ♥ Thanks for sharing your work steps :D Really interesting, as all your posts ^_____^ Congrats! ♥

  5. Mann Steffi, ich glaube ich habe es dir bisher nicht gesagt: Ich bin ein echt großer Fan deiner Arbeiten. Die haben einfach Style und Klasse!

    Liebe Grüße,



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