Sonntag, 20. September 2009

Special Unit Drowning Prince Rescue

Some more characters for our comic project the little Wermaid. This is the Special Unit drowning Prince Recovery. Like their name suggests it is their job to save princes that have gone overboard.


  1. Uuuuuuh, die sind super geworden. Die rothaarige Meerdame ist allerdings mein absoluter Favorit!


  2. Love these! Had no idea you had a blog, i will have to link you on mine!

  3. XDDD kiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    so cute!!!!!!
    I'm so happy to find your blog and twitter.
    I enjoy your works so much, lovely colors and good sense of humor :DDDDDDDDDDDDD!
    CONGRATS!! Felicitats!
    *******wishing you lot of coming commissions!*******



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