Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Sybille der Berliner Groschenroman

These are two illustrations I did for the satirical episode web romance novel "Sybille der Berliner Groschenroman" - "Sybille the Berlin dime novel". The story is about a young girl who moved to Berlin from the western part of Germany and who wants to be part of the hip crowd really bad. It is a bit funny and a bit melancholic, if you understand German you can read it here. The text is written from her perspective but in third person, so there is a certain feel of distance and intimacy at the same time. I thought, this over the shoulder view would be good to reflect this feeling.


  1. *blush* Sehr explizite ... aber schöne Illus. Ich mag vor allem die Farbgebung im ersten Bild.

  2. wow, die mag ich sehr - beide.

    wunderbare farbkombinationen. hach.



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