Samstag, 13. März 2010

Balmain rtw Fall/Winter 2010

A collection full of glittery gold as fabric, as embroidery, as sequins .. well in any form you can imagine it on clothes? Of course I love it!!
In many reviews I've read that people are a little tired of the shoulders and suggest Christophe Decarnin should get rid of them already. While I understand where this is coming from - there was a big hype when they were introduced in the Spring 2009 collection and now they are not exactly new anymore. But - to use a really far fetched comparison - this reminds me a bit of how people were disappointed by the special effects in the second Matrix movie because it was just the first movies style refined and could simply not amaze like the first one because it wasn't new anymore and also had been copied in every other movie of that time.
The Balmain shoulders may draw inspiration from the forties or the eighties but are really unique and have created a signature silhouette - They wouldn't have knocked everybody of their feet like they did, if they would have been just a fashion history reference. Everybody knows the unique look of classic Dior Jacket from the New Look collection or the classic Chanel costume, and we expect to see these basic looks on the runway newly interpreted again and again in very different collections - and it is really interesting and fun to see how versatile these shapes really are because they work in so many new styles and concepts. So, why not accept the Balmain shoulder silhouette as the same thing? What do you think?

Bw Here's the look I chose and my sketch (photo from


  1. Beautiful gold shades and unbelievable vector work. The raw vector file scared me! :) The complete illustration is great - love the pose.

    I am not a Balmain girl really. I actually love the high shoulders, and like the clothes when looking individually (like in your fab iklustration), but as a collection I find that Balmain uses the 'shoulders' in pretty much the same way every season - rocker, glitzy, party-girl type. There is not enough re-interpretation for my taste. Having said that, it is obviously their style and they want it to become the house classic. For now it might feel like an overused trend, but I am sure it will be the 'classic balmain shoulder' if you give it time. fashion...



  2. i love the graphic illustrations on your site!

  3. Stylisch Goose: Good point. Maybe It's not the shoulders that make it look repetitive but the theme that isnt varied enough.

    Nicole and Jessica: Thank you so much! <3



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