Montag, 8. März 2010

Christopher Kane rtw Fall 2010

Christopher Kane combines biker style black leather with romantic flower embroidery and what should have been an extreme contrast looks like it was always meant this way. Fantastic!
I thought it would be nice to give a little insight in my process again:

Here is a slower version, too!

If you're interested in my process you can also follow me on twitter I'm sometimes posting/twitpicing screenshots of what I'm working on!

These are the references I used (from


  1. hübsch die beiden. das animierte skizzen/vektor/endillu-teil finde ich ganz großartig! jetzt müsste man das nur noch anhalten können, oder ein biiisschen langsamer machen ... sehr interessant, die einzelnen schritte zu sehen ...

  2. The mood you pictured suits clothing in a lovely manner :D

  3. @Martin: Danke Dir! Weil du so lieb fragst lad ich doch glatt noch mal ne langsamere Version hoch:

    @Maria: Thank you so much!

  4. Love the composition ! Rock'n'roll tenderness, sort of... I really like the dresses of this collection, I have to start embroidering leather !



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