Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

Jo Weldon aka Jo Boobs

I want to start a new series with portraits of burlesque artists. For the first one I cose Jo Weldon aka Jo Boobs. She is an amazing Burlesque performer and also teacher and Head Mistress of The New York School of Burlesque. For more info check out what she writes about herself in her blog

Some explanations: She is holding an Godzilla head because in one of her performances she actually wears a Godzilla costume, completely with a head like this. I thought that was absolutely hilarious, check it out!
The girls in the background studying her dance are supposed to hint to the School of Burlesque.
She is wearing red because she looks absolutely gorgeous in red!

With this one I tried a more simplistic approach. Actually I always wanted to get more simplistic but shied away from the lack of detail. Once you leave a lot of stuff out the shapes and colors that are actually there become really important.


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