Freitag, 27. November 2009

Moschino Cheap & chic Spring ready to wear 2010

Moschino Cheap & chic Spring ready to wear 2010 - what a great collection! I love the 60s and this show was ripe with amazing mod and flower children style. And all the hot pink - so pretty! :heart:
I always wonder how they came up with that name though "cheap & chic" is that some weird sense of fashion humor, because I dont find them especially cheap.

You can find the collection at

(image via

Here's my sketch:

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Versace Spring 2010 rtw

I really like this collection by Versace. It reminds me of summer, parties and is simply fun and girly!

And OMG would you look at those boots? Aren't they just the coolest? I know the is no weather that will ever call for peep toe boots, but who cares?!

Here's my sketch:

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Dior Fall 2009 Couture

I know I'm late with this but I just loved this collection so much!

This was my favorite look from this show, worn by the beautiful Chanel Iman :

(image from

here's the sketch:

Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

Guido Westerwelle

More caricature!

Sonntag, 8. November 2009


This is the first pic I made in a little drawing challenge with my friend Regina.
Every two weeks one of us sets a difficult topic: something we both think would be hard to draw, or struggle with, or usually shy away from.
Regina got to pick the first topic and chose "Boylesque" because, well drawing a sexy guy dancing and stripping can be quite challenging. I have always been insecure whenever it came to drawing good looking guys even though I am quite sure I am heterosexual. ;)
This one has a major Hirschfeld influence, because I love the way he draws dancers.

John Galliano Spring 2010 RTW

There are no words how much I adore John Galliano's Spring 2010 RTW collection... so I made a picture! :)
This is the outfit I picked for my interpretation - if I had enough money I'd totally wear the those shoes:

Image via

and like always, the pencil sketch:


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