Freitag, 26. August 2011


This year I participated in Yuko Shimizu's illustration course in Venice. It was an unforgettable and inspiring experience, I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think back to this beautiful impossible city and all those crazy talented woman I had the pleasure of getting to know a little - oh and the food! expensive but delicious!
We had an assingment for the course which was to draw an illustration of a superhero saving Venice. We took a gondola ride once so I could really see a gondoliere in action and suffice to say was very impressed. So he is my hero who saves the city.

Freitag, 12. August 2011

Burlesque Berlin: Lady Lou

This is the first image of my new series, which will be a series of portraits of Berlin Burlesque artists. Burlesque in Berlin is constantly getting better and better and it has made going out more fun for me than I could have imagined - and I love going out. Basically, every night were there is Burlesque involved is special and fun and never ever boring.

So for the first portrait I chose Lady Lou. As you can see in the video she is absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic dancer. I love the design of the costume and how it really becomes part of the dance.


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