Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Mildred Loves You!

A drawing I made for my friend the lovely Miss Lalavox! On her Blog and Website you can find many beautiful illustrations of her chracter Mildred Mahler and her friends. I love how those girls all have very different looks and personalities and of course, also the amazing costumes Laura designs for them. Be sure to check out her sketches, Laura is also an amazing Storyboard Artist and it really shows in her vivid, effortlessly elegant sketch lines!
To give you an idea this is one of my favorite works by her:

Talking about sketches here's mine - dont ask me how I missed those major tangents at her tassel ornaments:

Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

The little Wermaid: The Ship of the Prince's Academy

I thought I show some more work from "The little Wermaid" the comic I am currently working on written by the amazing Regina Haselhorst of "GirlComic" fame.
This ship will be one of the main Locations in the comic:

the final version of the ship:

previous sketches:

I already posted these on Facebook, but I think I have deleted the album there, because, well it's FB and they are not known as being selfless when it comes to copyright.
These are old versions of the pages, I am going to redo. I am not that happy with the vector look and want to try an analogue approach - but more on that later when I can show something of the new style!


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