Montag, 27. Juli 2009

Tronicat La Miez

I am finally continuing my series of burlesque artist portraits which started with this picture

This is German Burlesque artist Tronicat La Miez. I have seen her live once at a dr. Sketchy event and thought she was amazing. She is a great dancer and an incredibly beautiful woman - those eyes!!
You can watch her perform on her Myspace page:

Some sketches:


  1. Ich war auch an den Dr. Sketchy's Abend in Berlin da, aber hinter der Bühne. So I didn't get to see Tronicat perform, unfortunately. She was great fun backstage though, and delightful to look at. Your work is also delightful to look at! I just discovered it last week and am in love with what you do, so it's great fun for me to now discover that you were also out there in the audience drawing that evening! And I love the Tronicat La Miez sketches and portrait here!

  2. @ Nadine: Danke dir!

    @Mildred Loves You!: Wow, I've just checked out your work, you're amazing! I really enjoy your colors and shapes and especially the detail.
    Were you actually the singing mermaid? I loved your performance and thought your costume was amazing!
    Now if I would just find the sketchbook from that evening I could post some of my drawings!

  3. Wow... Thank you so much for the good words about my work! :) And I was indeed The Singing Mermaid. *blushes*

    It's quite nice and a bit of a relief to hear that you enjoyed my performance, seeing as that part of the evening was a bit of a disaster for me. First of all, the muscle men who were supposed to carry me onto the stage didn't show up. :-( And then my playback CDR didn't play! D-: Mine was the only music of the evening that wouldn't play! (I had tested the darned thing at home, and it worked fine.) I was going to do a couple of nice exotica tunes, but - ah well... It's good to hear that the spontaneous emergency a capella tune was enjoyable too. :) And the rest of the evening was great fun anyway! I would be delighted to see some of your sketches from it!

    I have no idea when the next Dr. Sketchy's will happen in Berlin. Hedoluxe decided that trying to organize a Dr. Sketchy's in Hamburg *and* Berlin was just too much. But when it does happen again, I think I'd like to be in the audience drawing this time rather than posing. You'll be there again too, I hope. I'd love to meet you. :)

    Keep up the good work. It's very inspiring! And I really love your burlesque series!

  4. Yes, I remember that! But I thought you solved the problem very gracefully! And you have such a beautiful voice, so it was a real treat to listen to it without any additional background noise. :)

    Oh, I cant wait for the next Dr. Sketchy, but I think it is in October, so it's still a while. But I'll definitely be there! I'd love to meet you too! Maybe I'll see you at the Fete Fatale in August?

  5. Oooooo... Thanks again! :) And you've heard something about a Berlin Dr. Sketchy's in October?... I haven't heard a peep yet. I will most definitely be at the next Fete Fatale though! Do you think you'll be able to recognize me without my mermaid garb and with Buddy Holly type glasses? Maybe these pictures of me with a huge snake will help... ;)

    Cheers, LaLaVox

  6. If you'll be there carrying that snake aroung I will surely recognize you! :D
    But seriously, I think I will recognize you.
    I still look pretty much like my blogger pic. :)

  7. As if there were any way I could carry that snake all by myself... ;D Were you at the 1st Fete Fatale? If so, do you remember the huge snake that got carried from the back of the Bassy Club up to the stage on the backs for 4 people? Same snake! Her name is Julius and she's 5 meters long. She'll be guest starring along with her owner Jenner in my next Mildred Loves You pin-up. And if you haven't seen the photos from the 1st Fete Fatale, but would like to, you can check them out here:



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