Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Burlesque Berlin - so far!

My series of Berlin based and Berlin related Burlesque performers so far. It was exhibited ant the Fish and Whips Burlesque contest last weekend which was fantastic - natürlich! as Jack Woodhead the host of this amazing event would say. Many thanks to him and the Kookaburra Club and of course all the perormers for being such an inspiration! 
The series is far from being finished there are many girls and boys I still want to draw. Also my brother will turn some of them into copper figurines. There will be an exhibition of our works in the middle of September, I'll keep you updated.

But now the pictures (in alphabetical order):
Anniczka Papillon

Bana Banana

 Beatrix von Bourbon

 Les Femmes Brachiales

Ginger Synne

 Julietta La Doll

 Lada Redstar

Lady Lou

 Lorelai Vanora

 Lilly Tiger 

 Marlene von Steenvag

Tallulah Freeway

Xarah von den Vielenregen

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