Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

Jane Aldridge

Another blogger who's blog I check regularly is Jane Alridge of Sea of Shoes. her style is so youthful and mature at the same time, it always blows me away! I love her photos not only because she is such a beautiful girl and has a great taste in clothing and shoes but also because of the whole atmosphere of her house.
For my image I chose to show her in her outfit for the Crillon Ball, she looked simply stunning!


Oh, man, every time, while I am drawing something for the blog, I imagine what I am going to write about it, and come up with some really nice fitting words - however when I have finished the picture I am completely exhausted and my mind is a blank. You must all be already very bored with my "Oh, wow, I loved blablabla", "thisnthat is so amazing/ beautiful/ breathtaking" sentences.
But then I think, I am an illustrator not a writer fer chrissakes! If my pictures cannot express how I feel there's really no use in looking for words. So please excuse my platitudes! I think - or at least hope - I am much better at expressing my thoughts with my pictures than with words.

Here is the sketch I made for the picture:


  1. die ist toll! besonders schön das kleid, das einfach ins weiß ausläuft und die blümchen und filigranen ... dingsis vorne dran ;)



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