Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2010

Louis Vuitton Pre-fall 2010 had a major 60s vibe - something that gets me every time! No wonder I have been so fast with my interpretation.
I made some screenshots of my process I thought you might be interested in - but first the sketch:

and here's the process, click it, you know you want to!


  1. Great poses, great colors, great clothes! I especially love the green plaid. I'm really enjoying looking at your work!

  2. Oh so fun! :) As usual ;)
    Really digging the retro from designers these days (again).
    The design on the right! OH to be able to shop Louis Vuitton! One day. Some day!
    Fantastic work. I really enjoy seeing the process.

  3. fabulous! I love the cloudy windy wispy hair!!!! love your stuff babe!

  4. Amazing! And those were my favourite 2 outfits of the collection too, so yaay :D

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!

    Sara: Thank you, the plaid was a bit of a brain twister actually. :)

    Stefanie: They were mine too! :)

  6. liebe steffi ! vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar !! deine illus sind ganz zauberhaft ! vor allem der entstehungsprozess hier ist genial. liebe grüße, frollein von sofa



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