Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2010

I love leopard print and Lanvin Pre-Fall 2010 had lots and lots of it! But this suit was my absolute favorite!
And yes, the leopard print in this picture is completely hand drawn by me.
(eidt: I added the path view to the sketch.)

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  1. Ö__Ö' Waoh! Alles selber gevektort... zauberhaft!

  2. Arushi: this one is actually rougher than usual, I had drawn the picture a few times already so I basically made the sketch only to get shapes and composition right. I added the path-view for comparison.

    Kirschi: Danke danke! Ich hab mal ne pfadansicht mtireingestellt, da sieht mans! :)

  3. You have such a great sense of shape and movement. These look wonderful!



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